The Boston Globe called the City Council’s proposal a “power grab” and questioned it’s “dubious legality.”

Mayoral Candidate Wu To Top Boston's November Ballot

By Saraya Wintersmith | September 27, 2021

One binding question will ask voters whether Boston’s budget process ought to give the council and voters more of a say in how Boston spends its money. The change would empower the council to make line-item revisions and outright veto a mayor’s budget.

Mass. Attorney General Clears Ballot Question To Give Boston Council More Budget Power

By Saraya Wintersmith | July 2, 2021

The Attorney General’s office on Friday cleared a ballot question that, if approved by voters this November, would shift the balance of power in Boston’s budget process by giving the council the authority to amend a mayor’s budget “in whole, or in part,” and override..

Let’s make Madison Park the gem it should be

By Annissa Essaibi George | June 14, 2021

When we think about Boston’s budget and make the tough decisions, we must take into consideration the probable impact of our city dollars.

Janey green-lights ballots measure that would give City Council more power over Boston’s budget process

By Danny McDonald | June 7, 2021

Janey’s approval means the measure to change Boston’s budget process is one step closer to reality. The proposal now heads to the Massachusetts attorney general’s office, which will review it for constitutionality.

With Janey's OK, Boston Moves Toward Giving The City Council More Budget Power

By Saraya Wintersmith | June 7, 2021

Janey’s approval came after a long weekend of phone calls and outreach from advocates who believe Boston’s budget process should be more democratized.
On Monday morning, a group gathered at City Hall Plaza with the original intention to urge the acting Mayor’s signature.

A Dramatic Step: Boston Inches Towards Putting Budget Powers Ballot Question to Voters

By Saraya Wintersmith | May 19, 2021

The move, which would weaken the long-standing mayoral dominion over Boston’s budget, comes after a contentious 2020 budget season, which split the council down ideological and racial lines over spending on police and other municipal services.

EDITORIAL: Boston Police’s overtime budget is out of control, in desperate need of fewer officers, reallocation

April 15, 2021

It means that we can’t have Boston’s budget cut “deep” into the vast pockets of police overtime without addressing the system that allows them to face basically zero penalization for their behavior. We need a way to permanently cap the overtime budget — with no wiggle room.

Walczak: Use federal funds to make Boston a hub of equity

By Bill Walczak | March 24, 2021

Much of Boston’s budgets are based on last year’s allotment plus raises rather than from a hard look at what is important and needed from city government, and what can be changed to accommodate what we want to do now and in the future.

In Marty Walsh, Boston elected a labor leader and ended up with a business-friendly mayor

By Jon Chesto | January 10, 2021

Boston’s budget is particularly reliant on a strong haul of commercial property taxes, a steady stream that has continued to earn the city high marks from two bond-rating agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Should Boston change its budget process? City Council to consider charter ballot measure

By Danny McDonald | December 7, 2020

In the wake of last summer’s budget vote, Boston’s budget continues to be a political football, with the City Council holding hearings on police overtime expenditures and examining police union contracts that are connected with the department’s budget, policies, and procedures.